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Welcome to the landmark of Lauenburg

At Lauenburger Mühle, ancient times meet aromatic taste: Serving the best of more than a 100 years of northern german hospitality, we invite you to dine, celebrate or stay overnight with us in our historical mill.


From 1871-1873, the mill was being planned and built and has been used as one for a good 110 years, until 1985. Today, it stands stronger than ever, serving as a museum, restaurant, hotel and event space for guests and visitors from around the world.


Try our traditional, rural kitchen culture. Discover the museal space. Relax in one of our 34 meticulously furnished double rooms after a long day. Or witness the sunset on our roof terrace, overlooking Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, Niedersachsen and the Elbe river shores.


Book your stay or dinner now! Also, our flexibly usable, well-equipped event space with high-speed wifi
is your go-to-solution for conferences, workshops or parties.

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